Personalized Indexing with AI

Unified Platform for Equity and Crypto Indexing

Build, customize, optimize and invest in your own Equity and Crypto indexes.

AI-enhanced index creation, allocation, tax optimization and tracking.

Full integration into equity and crypto backoffice services.

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ETF-based Direct Indexing

Pick any ETF on the market and instantly generate a Direct Index from its constituents and allocations.

Invest in the Direct Index through your own custodian, with automatic rebalancing and tax loss harvesting through our powerful AI-driven Rebalancing Engine.

Direct Indexing with Personalization

Generate a Direct Index from any ETF or the entire US market and customize it to meet your needs.

Use Natural Language Search to generate a Direct Index and 100+ factors to customize and reallocate it. Automatically rebalance your personalized index and harvest tax losses based on your criteria.

Tax Loss Harvesting as a Service

Run any Portfolio or Direct Index through our Tax Loss Harvesting API service or Web app.

Instantly identify multiple factor-based replacements of like securities to maximize tax loss harvesting opportunities and minimize portfolio deviation.

Currently only available for Equity-based Personalized Indexes.

Crypto and Digital Asset Indexes

Create, customize and invest in digital asset indexes allocated by market cap, sector, category and various other factors.

Choose from multiple curated starter indexes that cover vast span of digital assets. Integrate with your preferred back-office services or use our brokerage API partnerships.


Free-form or pre-configured themes

Use Natural Language Search to create an index or choose from one of our professionally curated ESG-focused, sector-specific, or new economy themes.

Use our powerful customization engine and API for deep personalization. Your Personalized Index, your way.

End-to-end Lifecycle support

Entire lifecycle support from index creation, investing, and management.

Each phase in the lifecycle is available through our Web Portal or through our API services.

Web App and API services

Comprehensive Web Application for Advisors and API services for fintech platforms.

Highly scalable and secure REST APIs in the cloud, fully integrated into your front and back-offices.

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